Fungible Asset-backed Security Tokens (FAST) by Consilience Group

Fungible Asset-backed Security Tokens

A frictionless way for clients to digitally onboard (KYC/AML) their investor networks, raise, deploy and transact fractional capital in a compliant fashion.

What you'll get from Consilience FAST services is an end-to-end solution to launch and operate a tokenised asset-value accelerator:

  • The full platform to operate including a payment system for your active members doing the work with you or your portfolio companies

  • The investment vehicle for you to get started

  • All the legal docs to raise, invest and earn in a compliant way

  • Support from our own deeptech fund Consilience Ventures.


Consilience Group (CG) has been established to democratise access to private asset classes by providing wider access and greater liquidity within a compliant framework.

As a blockchain native, CG securitises alternative assets into Fungible Asset-backed Security Tokens (FAST) creating flexible, efficient private markets and unlocking operating capital/sweat equity.

Everyone around the world should be able to invest their time and money in VCs. And every investment vehicle on the planet should be able to launch its asset-backed digital asset (FAST) to supercharge its operations and increase ROI.

FAST is the cornerstone to the development of a stakeholder economy; securitisation of assets within a community aligns interests and enables members to benefit when they contribute to the creation of value. FAST facilitates flexible financing of projects to ensure capital at the right time; reducing dilution effects and delays due to the completion of onerous capital rounds.

Looking to the future, FAST will enable greater liquidity without the costs and friction associated with currently trading assets.

In a few years, everyone will be able to invest time and money in private markets without worrying about liquidity.

FCA Compliant via an Appointed Representative

Consilience Group LTD is FCA regulated via the appointed representative scheme.

A principal is a firm that is authorised for certain activities in the UK or regulated in another country in the European Economic Area (EEA), and has another firm (its appointed representative or tied agent) act on its behalf. As our principal, Mirabella Advisers LLP is responsible for our activities as an appointed representative.

FAST in Action - Consilience Ventures

Consilience Ventures (CV), which is part of Consilience Group, was launched in February 2020 as one of the first multi-sided securitised investment platform in the world.  Network members acquire tradable tokens that represent a share of the total equity under management.  Tokens are acquired by start-ups in exchange for equity; by investors in exchange for cash and by experts in CV utilises its own FAST called CVDS (Consilience Ventures Digital Share) to invest in early-stage deep-tech start-ups.  Consilience Ventures has grown from a standing start to a community of over 270 experts, eight start-ups, and an AUM of ~£5m.  Start-ups exchange the CVDS they acquired for cash from CV and services from experts.  The investment model is particularly efficient; for every £1 cash invested in CVDS, CV is acquiring £1.81 of equity; investments are currently valued at a 2x multiple (unrealised).  There is an embryonic secondary market where members have sold tokens between themselves for FIAT currency.

Consilience Group has developed unique IP that poses a barrier to market entry for others:

  • the core blockchain technology has been developed into a platform that enables communities, to manage in one place, their investment and portfolio operational activities.

  • Smart contracts that embed the legal and compliance criteria into the business-as-usual operation of the platform.

Asset Tokenisation

FAST (Fungible Asset-backed Security Token) is a different approach to monetising private market investments that enables FAST managers to:

⚡ Improve liquidity and investor participation

⚡ Raise the quality of engagement with their wider network

⚡ Earn a performance fee on sweat equity

⚡ Launch new investment vehicles quicker and with less friction using our compliant investment platform

⚡ Reduce administration overhead

FAST tokens are issued as the result of an asset tokenisation process which we have streamlined based on our learnings over the last several years. The following sections address questions you may have regarding compliance and security, and also explain the tokenisation process from end to end.

Compliance and Security

Plug and Play Compliance

As a FAST Manager, you are the key person within the FAST responsible for selling tokens following primary issuance. The FAST tokens themselves are compliant under our FCA umbrella, and enable customers to adhere to the FCA standard.

Streamline KYC and AML

FAST offers streamlined KYC/AML for individuals and organisations to help you scale your FAST network more efficiently.

How it works

Make new investments

As an investment vehicle evolves, FAST Managers may elect to make new or follow-on investments. In this case, the FAST manager is responsible for selecting suitable investments. The token issuer approves the additional investment, and once they do, the term-sheet can be signed and the assets transferred to the FAST manager. The tokens are issued directly by the token issuer, and distributed to relevant wallet addresses by the FAST Manager.

⚡ Flexible ticket sizes

⚡ Improve investor participation

⚡ Rapid investment cycle (around 2 weeks)

Learn More

To learn more about FAST, or provide background so we can offer you an initial consultation (free of charge) on how FAST can help you, please complete the below form or get in touch via Once we receive your information, a member of our team will reach out to schedule a call.

Learn more

FAST Workflow

Equity / Cash (Transfer & Token Creation)


  • Startup: The recipient of investment from accredited investors.

  • Accredited Investors: Investors who have successfully completed KYC, AML, and investor qualification.

  • FAST Manager(s): The individual(s) accountable for setting up and managing a FAST.

  • Consilience Group (CG) / Consilience Solutions?: The supplier of FAST services. CG securitizes alternative assets into Fungible Asset-backed Security Tokens (FAST) creating flexible, efficient private markets and unlocking operating capital/sweat equity.

  • Segregated Portfolio Company (SPC): A segregated portfolio company segregates the assets of different entities within a larger vehicle.

  • Reserve: The reserve wallet address for a FAST. Each FAST has 1 unique reserve address used to hold newly issued tokens and receive tokens to be burned. (See additional guidance on burning tokens under Launch Your FAST)

Accounting-based Workflow


How does FAST help me make money?

  • [5%] platform Fee - FAST Managers can earn their platform fee on capital invested in their FAST in fiat, FAST tokens, or a blend of their choice.

  • [20%] Performance Fee - A performance fee based on exit value can be earned in fiat, FAST tokens, or a blend of both.

  • [30%-50%] Delivery Fee on work done by the community of experts paid in fiat, FAST tokens, or a blend of both.

What efficiencies will this create for my company?

  • Increased round contribution without additional capital outlay - FAST tokens enable investment vehicles to offer startups both capital (cash) and knowledge capital (FAST tokens). In this way, investment vehicles with strong knowledge networks are able to increase their round contribution without additional capital outlay.

  • Productive, network-driven wealth creation at scale - ****For many angels and advisors, illiquidity concerns arising from sweat equity are often a barrier to increased participation in due diligence and post-investment support. By compensating in a more liquid form, FAST enables advisors and mentors to invest their time without sacrificing agility, and still benefit from the success of the portfolio.

How quickly can this be set up?

From end-to-end, FAST consultation and setup can be usually completed within 2-3 months. During this time, our team will host a series of workshops to help you define optimal token and smart contract parameters for your investment vehicle, and provide legal guidance and documentation to facilitate the issuance. We’ve streamlined this process based on our experience, and have made efforts to standardise legal documentation where possible. Once this process is complete, the FAST Manager can begin raising capital.

How does this create value for my investors?

  • Sweat equity investment / Stronger DD - Enables your wider network to invest their time into a startup. This serves to align incentives across your wider network, increase expert participation rates, and ultimately de-risk your investments.

  • Greater liquidity -  FAST tokens enable greater exit flexibility without the high costs associated with today’s secondary transactions.

Will FAST help me access a more diversified investor network?

  • Digitised and streamlined investor onboarding and token transfers lower the barrier to participation for a wide range of stakeholders.

  • More flexible ticket sizes lower the barrier to invest and open the door to a long-tail of investors.

How does FAST improve the liquidity of my investments?

  • Digitisation and embedded compliance significantly reduce the level of friction and overhead associated with transfers of private equity.

  • FAST enables managers to easily scale their network across a diversity of stakeholders. A larger network of peers contributes to greater market depth.

How do I decide the price of my tokens?

In the majority of cases, the FAST Manager is accountable for the guidance price.

  • When tokens are being issued in exchange for an asset(s): The FAST Manager is accountable for the valuation of the underlying asset(s) and the token’s guidance price unless an accredited independent auditor is brought in. Where the FAST Manager is accountable, they should rely on valuation guidance provided by CG.

  • Ongoing guidance price: The FAST Manager is accountable for their FAST’s ongoing guidance price. The FAST Manger should default to CG’s valuation guidelines, with any change from these guidelines agreed upon with CG.

Who incurs the legal costs associated with my operations?

  • Cost of launching a standard FAST: Incurred by Consilience Group.

  • Ongoing operational costs: Looked at on a case by case basis.

  • Legal fees associated with customised regulatory requirements: Incurred by the customer.

Use Cases

  • Turning real assets into FAST

  • Leveraging Tokenization to power start-up acceleration

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