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Kingston Energy Community


The tech platform for funding community solar energy at scale using the power of blockchain.

Invest4Energy provides an ethical crowdlending platform, where people can raise funds for their community solar projects or lend money and earn interest. It also allows investors to access an ethical investment option at low risk and serious returns. The solution aims to drive forward growth in clean energy.

This pilot project will take place in Kingston upon Thames on 3 host-roofs.

Why use blockchain?

Blockchain is a single decentralized ledger shared by all parties participating in an established, distributed network of computers. The ledger tracks the ownership and transfer of assets through the network. Each computer on the network has its copy of the Blockchain, allowing users to verify transactions quickly and prevent fraud. For more about blockchain please read on.

Community Governance

Support from the experts, volunteers and backing from the community and local authority is paramount for the success of the project, which will open many doors for the British energy production.

Pilot project workflow

  1. I4E platform microlending function - Community members lend to solar projects.

  2. I4E platform operation/distribution function – Funding released to 3 host for the installation including purchasing of panels and equipment plus labour and maintenance work.

  3. I4E platform receiving function - receives repayment from the hosts

  4. I4E platform pay-out function - repays back to the community

  5. Evaluation and dissemination - I4E aim to present case study to COP28

Outcomes and Savings:

The pilot project mobilises all the stakeholders necessary for a community energy project, including volunteers, installers, experts and investors. So Kingston will be left in a developed state for more community energy! We are talking to different organisations for an opportunity to discuss the Pilot Project at the COP 28 conference in Dubai.

This 21kW project will cut 4.84kg CO2 emission per year and save approximately 15% of the electricity bills.

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  • A free three-hours mentoring package for personal development or business growth (3 voucheers)

Support for a greener Kingston

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